Shannimals were first inspired by the birth of our daughter. My husband and I were looking for unique, interesting, and locally made toys that were also fashionable for us to display. My first Shannimal was the first sewing project I had ever made. The outcome was pretty successful and a huge hit with my daughter. I made more and gained interest from friends, which expanded from there.

Now Shannimals are found in boutiques here in Canada and are sold online through my Etsy Shop. You can also contact me directly to have something custom made.

The birth of our son also brought changes and inspiration to Shannimals. He was born early, and oh so small. It was a tough time for our family but inspired me to make teeny Shannimals called Shannismalls.


Shannimals are made with a variety of different materials to create interest and sensory exploration. Black and white striped cotton is always used somewhere on a Shannimal but you’ll also see chenille, fleece, and ever changing designs and patterns. Limited material is part of what keeps Shannimals unique to each design. Only a few are made until the design is retired and I move on to something new.

Shannimals are constantly changing and I have new ideas almost daily. I’ve created more designs than I can remember but I always document past projects, which, I will share here for inspiration.

Not many creatures or concepts are off limits, just ask for something custom to suit your needs.



June 2019

Spring is here and so are the new designs! Here are a pair of owls custom designed for a twinning mama to be. The request was to make the fabric similar but not exactly the same, and it was known that the parents didn't know the gender of these babes so we decided on some lovely tones of grey that go well with any nursery.


All Shannimals are hand filled with hypoallergenic fluff, hand embroidered, and individually put together. Check my Etsy shop for this new design.




The fluffy ears are a favourite for kids to play with and the quilted wings are beautiful to run your fingers over. And it seems Shannimal legs are delicious, I have seen more than one baby chewing on them. These designs will be available in my shop soon!Shannimals



Packaging is another important aspect of Shannimals and each one is wrapped up, labelled, and boxed carefully. I try my best to let my clients know that the care for my projects doesn't stop after the sewing does, it carries on right until I find their order has reached its new home!


Another possibility of Shannimals is changing their size. This design was spotted by a client but they wanted him at the regular Shannimal size, not the size hes' listed at, which is pretty big. I was happy to accommodate them and loved seeing their little guy enjoying his little Shannimal.


So many new designs have been made that I'll be uploading to my store soon. Check back often for updates and new critters.

Check my Etsy shop for these designs and much more!





Above is a project I recently finished. This dragon portrait was made for a little dragon boy. He's feisty and fun and always takes a moment for ice cream. You can request custom artwork from me to go with your Shannimal or have on it's own. I worked several years as a professional illustrator and I really enjoy these projects. A name and date can also be added.